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Career Consulting

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Have you thought of any question below?

- Am I in a suitable job?
- When is the best time to change jobs or when should I start looking for a job?
- Can I be my own BOSS?
- Can I be a sole proprietor or be a part of another partnership structure?
- Who can I partner with in my business?
- What industries will I excel in and what type of job nature suits me?
- Which is the best month for me to implement my career plans?
- What do I need to look out for in my career?

If any of the above sounds familiar, you are not alone in your quest for a better career and of course, a better life. JMINE Consulting can assist you in making better career choices, career moves, managing workplace relationships and even becoming your own boss. Knowing the likelihood of events occurring at a specific time in the future will enable you to make informed decisions and better plan your life. You can make use of strategic moves and efforts to minimize or avoid undesirable events from happening in your life. You can also reap benefits at the right time in order to magnify improvements in your life.

Why is Jmine Consulting different?
At JMINE Consulting, our recommendations to clients are based on scientific methodology. BUT unlike other scientific methodologies available in the market today, you are not required to fill up pages after pages of questionnaires. In addition, unlike other methodologies, we can even provide specific advice or potential opportunities for you to look out for within a particular time frame.

- basic career review S$60
- career 12-month forecast S$120
- career review + 12-month forecast S$180 S$140
- 12-month forecast for repeat clients S$100

Basic Career review
Basic Career review report will provide answers to these questions:
  • Personality analysis. This section will highlight my strengths that can be utilized and weaknesses to be worked upon.
  • Am I suitable to do business or is it better for me to work in a company?
  • If answer is YES,
    • what type of businesses in terms of the nature and industry are suitable?
    • Can I be a sole proprietor or be a partner?
    • If partnership is required, who are those that I should not work with?
  • If answer is NO,
    • What is the type of company I should work for, are there any restrictions?
    • What type of job nature and industry am I suitable to be in?
    • Who will be able to provide me support in my career?
price per report per person S$60
Career 12-month forecast
This report includes:
  • Overview of career situation for the year
  • Monthly career projection for the next 12 lunar months.
    • which is the best month for my career
    • which is the worst month for my career
    • when are there high possibilities of job or job scope changes
    • who can I look for to seek help
    • when are my popular months in my career
    • when do I need to watch out for betrayals, backstabbing and manipulation
price per reading per person S$120
12 months of after sales service
Career review + 12-month forecast

Combination of Basic Career review and next 12-month forecast

price per reading per person S$180 S$140
12 months of after sales service
12-month forecast for repeat clients
Career 12-month forecast for repeat clients will enjoy S$20 discount from S$120.
price per reading per person S$100
12 months of after sales service

* The fee stated is only for consultation. It is not inclusive of products.

* For enquiries or request for a report, please feel free to contact us with your birth information ready. Please email us for more details.

The effects on individuals might vary from one to the other. The analysis might deviate from the actual due to the random error of life and we will not make decisions for you. We will not be responsible for misuse of products and/or individual actions both directly or indirectly.
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